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Our Printing Services

Fuisland offers a One-Stop turnkey printing solutions from start to finish for all your printing needs - all done in-house, to ensure the highest level of product and service quality.

We own and operate a full range of equipments in our facility in the areas of Pre-press, Offset, On Demand Print, Trimming, Binding, Laminating, as well as professional delivery and shipping services.

Fuisland - Professional Book Makers

At Fuisland, we specialise in book printing in both hardcover and paperback varieties. Over the course of our company's history, we have printed all types of books from encyclopedia to storybooks and assessment books.

Our tested and proven methodology allowed us to attain and maintain our industry leading position, each step of the printing process is carefully thought out and managed. 

Our Book Printing Process

Our ideology behind every great printing experience is simple, and can be summed up in 2 words "knowledge" and "experience". Fuisland is staffed and managed by experienced professionals utilising the state-of-the-art printing equipments.

While every individual project is different, we have been able to consistently deliver on the desired results:


  • Eye-popping colours 

  • Crips and even ink coverage

  • Quality paper stocks

  • Sturdy, tight book binding

  • Carefully packaged shippers delivered to your door

  • Prompt and timely delivery

Our Range of Book Printing Services*
Other Printing Services**
Minimum order quantity:
*Books - 200
**Others - 500
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