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Putting the Earth First

At Fuisland, we pride ourselves to being a leading corporate citizen in the areas of sustainability. These values form the basis of the “Fuisland Experience” and is the embodiment of our slogan of “Green Power, Great Printing”.

Till date, Fuisland has committed itself to the following:

  1. Using environmentally friendly Vege-Ink printing

  2. Opting to use Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper

  3. Established a partnership with a recycling company to recycle paper waste

  4. Installed a solar system to generate renewable energy for its building’s consumption

  5. Use certified 100% renewable energy generated from solar systems across the island

  6. Retrofitted all existing lightings with energy efficient LED lights

  7. By providing an integrated one-stop service, Fuisland reduce the number trips needed for transportation and reduced CO2 emissions

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Our Certifications

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Corporate Videos
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